You will find out how one word changed my life

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience as a sculptor, as well as lessons learned from great artists and innovators that have influenced him, Don shares his experiences in developing a creative approach that is both inspiring and informative.

What you will learn

Stimulate the flow of creativity through a process of “deep listening

Expand listening capacity to include intuition

Express creativity through sensing, not thinking

Align oneself with one’s life’s purpose

Overcome three obstacles that stop most people from following their creative impulse

Achieve “presence” and “stillness,” the two essential portals to higher creativity


Meet the author

Don Campbell is an artist specializing in portrait and figurative sculptures. His medium of choice is water-based clay. “A storyteller in clay” is how he describes himself, with each sculpture telling as many stories as there are people who cast their gaze.

Don’s artistic and creative influences include Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, a sculptor who was instrumental in introducing the Baroque period in the 1600s; Otto Scharmer, MIT professor and co-creator of the Theory U process for developing creativity through deep listening; and presencing.

Don worked as a graphic designer for several companies in his native Toronto. He was eventually lured to the U.S. to assume an art director role and freelanced for several advertising agencies. Don eventually launched his own agency, DJ Campbell Advertising & Marketing, which he has been running for more than 30 years.

“If we accept the notion that our well-being, happiness and self-fulfillment are not dependent on the accumulation of material things, achieving positions of power and glamour or attaining financial success, but rather a state of consciousness, we can then turn our attention to expanding our consciousness. We can do the inner work that brings us awareness leading to a deeper sense of purpose.

Such is the case when we learn to open our minds, open our hearts and open our will to access and express our innermost creative impulses.”

–Don Campbell

Praise for Creativity: It’s not what you think

This was a fantastic and inspirational book on creativity. It takes you down the journey of the author, whom create beautiful sculptures. The author then relates it back to the reader and teaches them how to spark their creative juice to live a happier more enjoyable life. I’d recommend this book!

C. Ranieri

This is a deeply personal journey of how Don found and uses his artistic abilities to not only create wonderful sculptures (and other fine art) but also live his life to the fullest. Weaving together information and helpful advice from a number of sources, this book present comprehensive and practical steps for achieving a positive and healthy life filled with whatever creative juices you might thus be able to enjoy. Highly recommended for everyone who cares about how to reach a higher level of happiness at any level of creative achievement.

T. Dybfest

This is a wise and exciting exploration of the discovery of creativity. And through this creative realization we can learn to live our lives in a more mindful, deeper level. We don’t have to be an outstanding artist like the author, but the book shows us that we can all be creative spirits as we go about designing our life. The book is well written and I found it easy to relate my own experiences to that of the author’s.

J. Waterwash

From the Foreword: “This book is not intended for artists only…”
Truth! I’m not an artist but this book inspired me and has helped me
tremendously with my creativity. What a well written book. Every word counts!
It’s beautifully, profoundly and intelligently written. I highly recommend it.

M. Riesenberg

Artist Don Campbell wrote this “invitation” on a creative journey to discover how to listen with the whole body and access your higher creativity through sensing, not thinking. It enhances our intuition and helps to overcome obstacles.

I really enjoyed this expansion of my creativity. I knew before that our creative capacities are much bigger, but the creativity concepts were strange to me as a rather thinking personality. This is not about theory, but Don shares his experiences and sculptures. The second part of the book is a workbook.


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